Donated Items Not Accepted

We do not accept the following items:

Items must be in resale condition. No broken items, items that need repair, missing parts, or show evidence of extensive wear. *Except electronics- they can be recycled through STS.

Fabrics (i.e: pillows, drapery, bedding, table cloths, etc.)
Shower doors
Baby/child items (Liability reasons)
Mattresses (Liability reasons)
Unframed mirrors/glass (Liability reasons)
Sliding doors (too big – no space)
Cultured marble (too big and heavy and doesn’t sell very well)
Commercial items (We don’t have the right customer base)
Office furniture (We don’t have the right customer base)
Dishes/Cookware (Exceptions may be made for SETS of Fine China)
Brass fixtures (only if they can bring in… we don’t pick them up)
Used/Old paint (must be NEW/UNOPENED cans)
Shutters (we have too many)
Used flooring / tile (Unless new and have a 5 box minimum)
Blinds (unless they can bring it in…or if it’s from Phase 2)
Downdraft stovetops (We only keep 2 at a time)
Pianos (We only keep 1 at a time)

  • Topics worth mentioning:
    Large soft furniture (no extensive wear, floral, rips, tears, stains, pet hair, smoking)
    T.V.s have a “donation fee” of $20 for drop-offs $40 for pick-ups PER TV $10 for CRT Monitors
  • *We Pick-up in South Collin County ( Plano, Murphy, Wylie, Allen, Fairview, and Far North Dallas)

  • ***If for some reason we can’t take your items, please try other locations:  ReStores in Dallas, Garland, McKinney, or Denton, Operation Once in a Lifetime, Salvation Army just to name a few.